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I am 40 and work as CIO. I like scuba diving and my hobby is also philately.


18 August 2017 Collatz: Windows App available
A Windows application is now available for the Nontrivial Collatz Cycle search.

17 August 2017 Collatz: Found Path Records
The Collatz progress page shows now also the found path records.

16 August 2017 Badges now also for Collatz
We grant now also badges for the new Collatz application.

15 August 2017 Collatz application available
The application for Nontrivial Collatz Cycle is now available for 64 bit Linux @x86 and @ARM.

14 August 2017 New app collatz soon
There will be soon a new subproject attacking an collatz issue integrated in yoyo@home. You have to enable this project in your settings and allow test applications. Linux 64 bit will be the first version.


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